I like to learn and work on tools to improve human development, being them writings, software, or thoughts. When I’m not coding, I enjoy running, swimming, and playing Mario Kart.

That's me, the owner of this piece of internet software

Where it all started

I started getting interested in programming back in 2001 after seeing a friend playing with Visual Basic inside MSExcel. A few moons later, I discovered web development and started making blog templates. A decade went by before I could start making any money out of it.

Nowadays, I don’t make blog templates anymore, but the passion for web development got me involved in browsers and drives most of the content I create. Before working as a professional developer, I was an Inteligence Analyst and as a Brazilian Army Paratrooper. Isn’t life amazing?

This blog

My most delicate, most detailed, most beloved, most edited, most erased, most gave up piece of code I ever wrote, is dedicated to my un-edited thoughts and is where my best ideas start to be defined.


I’m based in the southeast of 🇧🇷 Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.


If you want me to present or speak at your event send me a message via (mind the quotes). You can also reach me over Twitter though I’m not as responsive as the email option.