Holding myself accountable through blogging

I made a blog that I actually like. Now what?

Hey there! Long time since the last post. I have many life and work updates to share but will skip them for now. This is a (re)introductory post. Want to keep it short.

Did you see the new blog interface?

I’ve been planning a new interface for ~1 year, using that as an excuse for not blogging, but now it’s done. I’m loving it. Thanks to Ed for the looks.

OK, what developers do after creating their blogs?

Per experience, I don’t think it’s blogging :P, but hey, here I am writing a post.

The (new) goal of this blog space is to use it as a system to hold myself accountable regarding plans, ideas, side-projects. Ideas are great while inside your head, and planning seems obvious when you read success stories. I’ve been having thoughts and creating plans in my mind (and paper) for a while. But how about execution?

I needed a system

A system where I can share plans, strategies, projects, dreams. A system where I can look back and find what worked and whatnot—a system like this blog.

The plan

The plan is to use this blog as a hub for all projects and ideas I have. Here is where experimentation starts. If the idea sounds good or the project is worth it, it will be referenced here. Idea -> Plan -> Post -> Execution. Ideas and projects can be anything, as long as I find them valuable, they will be typed down. I also plan to have fun during this journey ;)

Will it work?

Posts here are meant to share thoughts, reminders, and ideas. The whole plan is around experimentation, planning, and execution.

By the way, did you see the new blog interface?

Idea -> Plan -> Post -> Execution

Hello again!